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Diederik P. Kingma

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Brief Bio

I do research on scalable methods for machine learning, with a focus on generative models. My contributions include the Variational Autoencoder (VAE), the Adam optimizer, Glow, and Variational Diffusion Models, but please see Scholar for a more complete list. I obtained a PhD (cum laude) from University of Amsterdam in 2017, and was part of the founding team of OpenAI in 2015. Before that, I co-founded Advanza which got acquired in 2016. My formal name is Diederik, but have the Frysian nickname Durk (pronounced like Dirk).

Variational Inference and Deep Learning: A New Synthesis

Ph.D. Thesis. Download at Dropbox or at UvA.


Some research demos that I (co-)developed:
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Awards and Honors

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